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Medical Check Up

MCU Cakra Medika provides a comprehensive services, supported by professional medical personnel. Suitable for the recruitment or employees annual

Inhouse Clinic

We provide inhouse clinic service that aims to support medical care for employees in the company more quickly and immediately.

Home/Office Visit

This service is provided for a sample pick-up service in place in order to facilitate patient to taking sample more quickly and easily.

Occupational Health Event Organizer

We provide service such as training and seminars or become health partners include : First Aid Training Health Talk Occupational health

Medical Site Service

We provide Medical Site Service include : Provision of medical personnel Onsite, Offshore, Onshore or Remote Site Clinic – General Practitione

Panel Doctor

Panel Doctor Service in Cakra Medika include : Doctor visit at the company / home Medical Assistance 24-hour consultations by phone Pharmacy

About MCU

  • Like a machine, our body also consists of several components or devices that build it. There are the "hardware" such as members of the body that are visible and can feel its presence, and "Software" which make it function optimally ...Learn More
  • Cakra Medika is a private health institutions that have a health screening services for labor in Indonesia. Trusted in providing MCU services since 2005.. Learn more

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